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Free Trade Zone

Free Trade Zone

Expert Legal Advice for Investing In Costa Rica

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm has more than 15 years of experience in providing the best legal advice to individual and corporate clients in the area of investments in Costa Rica. Costa Rica investment laws are typical and you need an expert to help you handle both the documentation and the negotiations. In fact, you safeguard yourself from any litigation if you draw up contracts based on guidance provided by an expert lawyer.

Our firm provides both counsel and litigation expertise in case of a problem. Our team stays updated on all the latest regulations and handles all the documentation for you. You must have all your commercial documents reviewed by our experts simply because investment is a complex issue and Costa Rica regulations can be difficult to interpret accurately. Spanish is the first language in Costa Rica. Our experts would ensure that there is no communication gap in the interpretation of legal issues and drawing up of contracts for all your investment deals.

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm lawyers would help you find the best investment options too. The Costa Rica Government has free trade pacts with several countries in Latin America including Mexico. Infrastructure is developing in Costa Rica and there are several tax-holiday opportunities. Our lawyers could truly help you make the best of all the dynamic investment options that Cost Rica has to offer. We could even help you if you need mortgage help along with your investment deals.

However, we are not limited to just investment-related legal advice. With a plethora of services and being documentation experts, many people across the globe have chosen us as their favored consultants for all matters relating to legal, corporation, residency, and various other fields.

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm experts are fully conversant with the Costa Rica laws, their uses, their restrictions, and normal applications. The scope of our consultant services includes every aspect of the Costa Rica Law ranging from business, labor, immigration, marriage, issues to those relating to work permits, retiring, real estate, etc. in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers investment-related residency options also. Our experts could guide you in moving to Costa Rica and suggesting where best to invest if you wish to live in this beautiful country.

Give us a call today, and leave all the paperwork, legal support, procedures to us while you focus on your investment deal.